Over 18 years, OM has built over 400 websites big and small. We continue to learn through each client how to get the most out of the web. Each client represents a unique set of conditions and we work per client instead of cookie cutter website development. We keep up with the latest trends for you.

OM works in many areas of media design for musicians, dancers, writers, instrument makers, and small businesses. Our primary focus is web development and internet community development. We offer different packages based on need with consideration paid to your budget.

Many artists and businesses need to have a bit more consideration to projects and more complex arrangements than found in basic web packages. We have extensive experience in custom development for artists, studios, radio networks, and video. Catalog sites, multimedia presentations, and on call development is available to you. Contact us about your project and we’ll give you a reasonable and affordable quote.

The Starter Package The Artist Works
If you are a starting out with the web and have just a few items to sell, why pay for tools you might not use. Get started with our starter package based on the WordPress system. We’ll put together a design for you, work with a design you have in mind, and build you the site with the same quality as we deliver to our most accomplished clients. Get your toes wet on the web and we’ll work with you to find how you should invest in your project and voice. Professional artists and crafts people need more specific development needs and we have extensive experience serving larger size projects and businesses. We have many years experience in many areas of the entertainment business and can help you design an effective and easy to use media toolkit so you can focus on your craft and supportive business.
Basic Personalized Web Design
Basic Audio Support
Video-Photo Gallery
Event Calendar
Content Development Assistance
Blog or Newsfeed (RSS based)
Links Systems
Contact Forms
Full Personalized Web Design
Multi Device Compatibility (iPad, iPhone friendly)
Full Audio-Video-Photo Gallery
Event and Booking Calendars and Support
Content Development Assistance
Compound Sites
Blog or Newsfeed (RSS based)
Podcast development
Links Systems
Mailing List Development
Social Media Development
Contact Forms

(WordPress sites are and calendars are RSS based which allows for easy syndication to your friends and fans. )

OMRadio hosts websites built in house for the purpose of knowing all levels of the web operation. We offer hosting services for different needs from full websites, photo, audio, and video storage, blogs, electronic press kits and custom storage needs.

With the emergence of services like MySpace and YouTube, artists need a focused and engaging presence to be notice among the many other artists and voices out there on the web. We design and produce pages for MySpace and YouTube channels for our clients as well as our own profiles. Contact us if you want to refine your pages to suit your image and audience.

Presenters and staff need quick stop pages to find your photos, reviews, and samples. In addition to web sites for the public at large, artists, non profits, and campaigns need easy to use pages that allow for quick exchange of resources.

Want to broadcast your work to the rest of the world? We offer streaming services for your event at a rate that won’t distract your budget. We have experience in live FM radio broadcasting that we bring to our internet offerings using Icecast and Shoutcast. We also are available to empower you to start your own internet streaming by helping to gather the materials and learn their uses.

Times are changing and changing fast. We are excited to change with it and work with our clients to develop services and packages for sale to their interested listeners, viewers, readers, and students. From CD downloads to tutorial packages, we support not only existing projects but spend time with our clients in thinking of new ways to entertain, teach, and reach the web audience through digital packages. Minimize overhead and production headaches by developing a digital inventory.

We have been working in video production for over 10 years. Until the last few years we concentrated on filming political or community events. Starting with Ganesh Kumar’s Art of Kanjira, we have released 5 instructional videos for music and filmed several concerts. We specialize in working with artists and non-profits. If you have a video project we can assist you with contact us and let us know.

Packaging counts when it comes to releasing your music and we care that you look good when your new project is released. Mixing aesthetics with function, we work to make sure your CD or DVD design will be an invitation to your listeners and viewers. We work with the templates from leading production shops DiscMakers and Oasis but can adapt to templates if you have a preferred production facility.