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I’ve been fortunate to not only work with my favorite musicians but in many cases develop relationships with some of the world’s finest musicians from around the world. Now we’re going to launch a new site focused on highlighting the work of these artists with interviews, tour info, reviews, and lessons. The site will be […]

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Online Lessons by Ganesh Kumar - Mar 26, 2015

Blog Zombie - Jul 18, 2013

Jamey Haddad and Jim Oblon hit the road with Paul Simon - Mar 24, 2013

Look, you’re missing out if you don’t see this band. Paul Simon hits the road to Australia and hopefully, you catch the gig! Enjoy the band with Paul Simon MARCH 24, 2013 Fremantle, Australia West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots Festival MARCH 27, 2013 Adelaide, Australia Entertainment Centre MARCH 28, 2013 Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena […]

Tibetan Dream Journey-New CD - Apr 16, 2012

Tranquil Flute Compositions Inspired by the Tibetan Dream Journey of Universal Compassion. Universal love, kindness, and compassion are some of the highest wonders that we can find in this world. With Tibetan Dream Journey, master flutist Nawang Khechog presents an album that expresses these timeless spiritual values in the serenity of music. Inspired by the […]

Howard Levy returns to the road with the Flecktones, brings home a Grammy - Apr 10, 2012

I’ve been watching the Flecktones since their debut many moons ago. As a regular viewer of Lonesome Pine Special on PBS, I’m still a big fan of that KET broadcast in particular. All these years later who would have imagined the Flecktones could sustain beyond the implied gimmickry one might have trapped them in from […]

2012 Grammy-Best Instrumental Composition! - Feb 14, 2012

AND THE WINNER IS!!!! Life In Eleven Béla Fleck & Howard Levy, composers (Béla Fleck & The Flecktones) Track from: Rocket Science [eOne Music]

Howard with The Flecktones - Dec 6, 2011

Perhaps the highlight of the concert came from harmonica player and pianist Howard Levy, whose furious playing on the harmonica pushed an instrument just about everybody has stowed away in their homes to limits most people are unaware that the harmonic…

Howard Levy with The Flecktones - Dec 6, 2011

Levy is almost certainly the most talented person on Earth who can play piano and harmonica, even playing both simultaneously at some points in the show. While his intense mouth harp skills floated a unique timbre over many songs, his abilities at the piano were truly amazing – between cascading arpeggios and quicksilver trills, he […]

Howard plays Albany, NY with The Flecktones - Dec 6, 2011

Sunday marked the Albany return of prodigal harmonica master-pianist Howard Levy, a founding member of the band who left the fold in 1992 and returned only recently. His haunting spotlight number toward the end of the first set was magnificent, slowly morphing into a mournful variation on Woody Guthrie’s anthemic “This Land Is Your Land.” During his […]