Tibetan Dream Journey-New CD

Tranquil Flute Compositions Inspired by the Tibetan Dream Journey of Universal Compassion.

Universal love, kindness, and compassion are some of the highest wonders that we can find in this world. With Tibetan Dream Journey, master flutist Nawang Khechog presents an album that expresses these timeless spiritual values in the serenity of music. Inspired by the practice of Tibetan dream yoga, as well as the dream of all Tibetan people for peace and freedom. Nawang offers his first solo release in four years. These 11 original compositions are founded upon his sublime flute melodies, enhanced by gentle percussive exploration and contributions from great musicians including Ty Burhoe-featuring a universal compassion chant from the Dalai Lama. A spacious and smoothing album perfect for meditation, bodywork, yoga, t’ai chi, and deep relaxation.


Howard Levy’s New CD

¬†Howard Levy’s New CD is Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra


Howard Levy
Ganesh Kumar
William Johnson
Facing East