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T. H Subash Chandran is one of the leading artists of Carnatic percussion and is recognized as the "King of Konnakol". On this first of its kind DVD, Sri Subash Chandran shares his knowledge on the ghatam, the clay pot of South Indian percussion, and konnakol, the art of vocal percussion.

The ghatam lessons are approached from the beginning with introduction to strokes, playing patterns, compositions, korvai, mora, and varied talams. The konnakol lesson starts from basic vocalization patterns, building to compositions, and korvais. Demonstrating the guru student relationship, Sri Subash Chandran works through the vocalizations carefully and then performs them at faster speeds. The material provides a foundation for long term drumming of many traditions. The vocalizations are printed right on the screen for study and accompanyment.

Additionally there are fantastic solos and an interview with Sri Subash Chandran on his life in music and thoughts for learning.

Subash Chandran's The Artisty of Ghatam and Konnakol
Subash Chandran DVD


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